Turtle PR

Turtle Approach to Press and Media Relations

There are two ways to undertake PR. There is the conventional reactive method where press releases and feature articles are written and distributed simply in response to events that happen – such as new products, new contracts and orders won, awards received, staff appointed and the occasional plant visit by a dignitary.

The second method is to be pro-active, to create opportunities to speak with and through the press for example when there is no event-driven news or when much greater and more powerful editorial coverage is required. This is the Turtle Consulting Group creative approach to PR.

Creative Approach to PR

Developed over many years working in trade, technical and business-to-business PR we have applied marketing and sales principles to the planning and development of PR campaigns. Our task is first to understand your market, your products or services and then to analyse the media titles available to us.

Our creative techniques include the generation and promotions of ‘opinions’ on industry of market topics which are loved by editors, as very few companies are prepared to publicly voice opinions.

We establish dialogue with key editors (we call them media partners) to find out what they are looking for and to forward-sell articles and case-studies that meet their exact requirements. We are great believers in the sales principle that whatever we can do to make our customer’s (the journal editor’s) life easier the more likely we are to achieve the sale (or in this case, to get your material published!).

Many prospective clients tell us that they have very little raw material on which to base PR. They are always amazed at how much we can discover hiding just below the surface in their organisation – that has real PR potential. The reason that we are able to achieve this is the methodology we use of probing into many different facets of your business.

For example we look at depth into many aspects of:

  • Technology
  • Legislation & environment
  • Suppliers
  • Social & Public
  • Personnel
  • Marketing
  • Production
  • Business
  • Quality
  • Event creation
  • Competitors
  • Analytical Methods

Adding this to our analysis of the target media titles we generate large numbers of potential PR opportunities. The problem you then have is not “What shall we do PR about?”, but instead “Which of these PR ideas shall we pursue now, next month and for the rest of the year?”

‘Sales Methods’ Approach to Placement

The aim of our PR campaigns is to become an essential source of information and opinion for our key editors. To make our client a ‘senior’ voice in their industry. We encourage editors to speak with senior spokespersons in our client companies – though always arranged through us as your ‘press office’. We ensure that editors only receive material that is of high quality and relevant to their journal and readership. Quality, not quantity, is what counts in gaining an editor’s respect.

What the Editors Say

PR these days is not “Gin and tonic” and “Who you know”. Editors these days are very busy professional people. It’s our job to ‘sell’ them your material in a form in which they want to ‘buy’ it. They react well to being treated as such, and to the provision of high quality, relevant, targeted material that they do not need to significantly edit. They welcome original approaches, opinions and access to key people in your business as some of these comments reflect:

“The quality of information and active approach of the Turtle Group make them a reliable source of knowledge. They really have Turtle Power!” Rob Shepherd, Editor, Network Cabling News

“Turtle Group do an excellent job for their clients. They do what a lot of companies don’t do – they don’t just send stuff out – they make regular contact and really push hard for the client. I am very happy with the service I get from them.”  Mark Healey, Editor, Electrical Equipment

“5 out of 5* all round. Excellent. Only wish more PR companies were as efficient as Turtle. I’m very happy with them. Long may it continue. I actually said to another company (who were complaining that their stuff didn’t get placed) that they would get more stuff placed if they had a PR agency like KRONE’s.”  Robert Riggs, Editor, Cabling World

“It’s very good and I wish some others would come up with stuff that good, but I do worry about using your client’s material so much!”  Fred Burridge, Editor, Networking+

“Everything we get from KRONE, correction, everything we get from Turtle, we are more than happy with.”  Alex Duncan, Editor, Cable Talk


Charging and Deliverables

Having been clients ourselves in industry, we know that time/fee charges are difficult to understand and control. Also, we are most of us used to purchasing ‘n’ things for ‘£x’ – and so that’s exactly the way we produce PR for our clients.

We’ve invented a scheme of “PR units” – a sort of tariff relating to the various PR activities you’re likely to need. You decide your budget and the level of activity you need throughout a year and we agree a monthly fee to cover the required number of PR units. Typically, although the tariff is agreed separately with each client, these might be:

Example Tariff

  • Press Release                           1 PR unit
  • Feature Article                   3-4 PR unit
  • Case Study                            4-6 PR unit
  • Press Conference              10+ PR units
  • Regional Features                  2 PR units
  • Press Briefing Visit                3 PR units
  • Monthly Management (inc. progress meeting) 2 PR units

All of these tariffs include the research and writing of the material, approval processes and the placement activities with editors (a separate small budget may be needed for phone, fax copying, postage and photography etc.).

The tariff approach makes it easy for you to know what you can expect from us – and gives us both the flexibility to agree to change the “mix” of activities at any time during the year.

Example Campaign Content

A typical example of what one client might decide upon could be:

Client’s PR Consultancy fee budget = £50,000pa plus mechanicals – equates to, say, 100 PR units which could be allocated in many different ways, for example:

Option A

  • Press Release            24
  • Feature Article           6
  • Case Study                   7
  • Press Conference       0
  • Regional Features     0
  • Press Briefing Visit    2

Option B

  • Press Release            48
  • Feature Article           0
  • Case Study                    0
  • Press Conference       2
  • Regional Features     4
  • Press Briefing Visit   0

Option C

  • Press Release            36
  • Feature Article            2
  • Case Study                     2
  • Press Conference        0
  • Regional Features       4
  • Press Briefing Visit     6
  • Monthly Management (inc. progress meeting) all options 12

The Next Step

Our aim, through high quality Press Relations, is to make your target audience aware of you and what you stand for.

Moreover it is to ensure that they know of you, and about you, when your sales people call them, because we understand that you’re in business to sell your products or services. It’s our job to help you sell.

So, given that selling is part of our ethic, may we help you sell?

Why not put us to the test?

Call Phil Turtle on 070 7470 7060 or e-mail:  phil.turtle (at) turtleconsulting (dot) com