We achieve major success

We’re completely results oriented at Turtle Consulting Group. We not only research and write your material, we put very significant effort into the actual placement of material with editors.

We deal with editors exactly as your sales people would deal with their prospects and customers – taking time to understand what they need to satisfy the requirements of their readers. Finding out when they can talk and when they’re up against deadlines. Offering them exclusive stories before they are written – so that they can be hand-crafted to fit seamlessly into their editorial pages. And of course, having pre-sold the article or case study, we know your feature will be published.

We also network features to multiple titles in slightly different sectors – with the result that an ‘exclusive’ feature can be published often three, four or five times. This massively amplifies the results from your investment.

An analysis of the most recent two years’ of coverage for ADC KRONE for example showed this technique in use to create over $1.4million of coverage in a two year period on a £30k/year budget.  A Return-on-Investment of over 2,600 per cent!  We can’t promise this to every client – but it demonstrates our resourcefulness and commitment to success.

We’re great believers in tracking and analysing results. You and we both learn what does and doesn’t work for you and your target press. This allows continual improvement and ever increasing return on your investment in PR.