Campaign management and control

Every idea we, or you, generate is logged into our PR control database. Decisions on whether particular ideas should be run with (or not) are then logged into this progress management database – which forms the keystone on which the entire agency is run.

All data relating to a PR activity and its progress is logged through this Extranet database and, although it is essentially an internal system, we allow our clients ‘warts and all’ access to it for real-time progress on-line.

Clients also have Extranet access to all documents in draft stage, those approved and any related photography and clippings analysis.

We find with most clients, however, that after the initial start-up phase, much of the work is done by e-mail, phone and the use of our Extranet facilities with physical meetings often only every two months. We are, as with everything else, very flexible on ways of working to suit each different client’s differing needs.

Turtle Surgery
One of the best methods we have found over the years for gaining ‘story’ material and forging relationships with the wider team is to hold ”Turtle Surgeries” every two or three months.

Turtle attend the client’s for a half or full day and as well as having a progress meeting with the PR manager, schedule slots with key contacts. Additionally, it is broadcast widely to anyone interested that Turtle will be onsite (and preferably stationed at an open-area table) so that they can drop by to say hello and often “oh by the way did you know about xxxx?”

This not only fosters good working relationships, it leads to an invaluable source of potential PR ideas – all of which will be logged onto the PR database and then discussed/ prioritised with the PR manager.

Our objective is always to have far more ideas than we have budget to run with – so that we are able to choose the most PR effective ones at any time.