Data Centre Deconstruction to Help Fund Junior Football

BRX0669 playing for succesBRX0669 Euroborg niceBrand-Rex has once again demonstrated that being environmentally responsible not only promotes sustainability, but also leads to lower costs and protects the company’s bottom line.

In collaboration with Essent, the leading power utility in the Netherlands, Brand-Rex were able to help them recover and recycle 91 per cent of all the materials from two end of life data centres they were retiring. This added up to a total of 8,385kg of cables, cords, servers, racks, wall ducts and other materials. Not only did this cover all of the costs of deconstruction and recovery but it produced a significant surplus of revenue from the recycled materials.

Having produced a surplus from their co-operation on this project the two companies decided to donate the revenue to another sustainable initiative. It was determined that “Playing for Success”, an after-school programme for 9 to 14 year olds who are not achieving their potential at school, an initiative local to Essent would be the appropriate choice

On non-match days in the Euroborg Sport Stadium children are encouraged through football to engage their interest where conventional teaching methods have failed.

To make the whole initiative ‘sustainable’ Essent and project partners have installed 500 solar panels on the roof of the stadium and Essent with Brand-Rex are donating the full revenue from five of these panels for the next 25 years.

Jeroen Loonstra, Regional Sales Director of Brand-Rex, said “It is very rewarding for Brand-Rex to be in a position to contribute to such a worthy cause that also creates a tangible value for both the company and our partner. With this initiative, which it is hoped will help thousands of young people over the next 25 years gain better access to education, Brand-Rex has demonstrated once again that it’s more profitable to be green”.

Brand-Rex is a global operation, designing, developing and manufacturing the most sophisticated, high performance copper and fibre cabling systems for communications and extreme environment applications. Headquartered in Scotland, the company is committed to being a trusted market leading provider of best-in-class communications infrastructure solutions. As well as developing products and systems of the highest quality, the company is entirely carbon neutral and offsets all the CO2 created by the manufacture and distribution of its products. For more information visit

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[username: pics | password: pics] Caption: Marco Spoel (Essent, left) and Jan-Willem Hendriks (Brand Rex, right) symbolically make the donation to Dion Folkersma of Playing for Success Groningen (middle)

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Brand-Rex Appoints Andy Sharkey As Sales Director

BRX0617_Andy Sharkey_SalesDirector_Brand-RexLeading data networking solutions provider Brand-Rex has appointed Andy Sharkey as its new sales director, based at the company’s headquarters in Glenrothes, Scotland.

Andy is a highly qualified professional with over 22 years experience in the IT industry, most recently holding the position of regional business director at Panduit.

Commenting on his new position, Andy said “I am excited to join Brand-Rex and look forward to combining my industry knowledge and experience to lead the sales organisation as we move the  business forward.”

At Brand-Rex Andy will be responsible for all aspects of sales strategy development and deployment. His appointment will further strengthen the senior management team ensuring ongoing support for the company’s channel and system integrator partners.  Andy’s wide ranging experience across international markets will be instrumental in realising the company’s plans to extend its territorial footprint.

Commenting on the appointment, Martin Hanchard, CEO, Brand-Rex, said, “We are delighted to welcome Andy to the Brand-Rex management team and look forward to his strategic contribution to the Board. His extensive experience and sales leadership credentials will help ensure we achieve our long term growth aspirations.

New: The Ideal Carrier-Grade Ethernet Tester For Saving Valuable Engineer Time on Site.

Ideal Networks UniPRO MGig1 Tester with UniPRO SEL1 Intelligent Loop-back UnitNew from IDEAL INDUSTRIES NETWORKS is the UniPRO MGig1 carrier-grade handheld Ethernet tester including the latest Y.1564 NetSAM multiple concurrent service test capability.

Designed for all engineers and subcontractors involved in carrier and metro Ethernet service turn-up, mobile Ethernet backhaul, microwave and wireless-link Ethernet setup. It’s also ideal for enterprise users who want to check up on supplier SLA (service level agreement) performance.

With its comprehensive NetSAM Y.1564 multiple concurrent service stream testing capability it is also ideal for setup testing and troubleshooting in a wide range of other applications including on-train/metro command, control and communications, trackside communications and signalling, electricity, gas and water distribution, petrochemical plants and rigs plus many other industrial Ethernet applications.

Launching the new rugged tester, which boasts IPv6 as well as IPv4 and the latest Y.1564 test program, Xing Ye, carrier-Ethernet product manager with IDEAL INDUSTRIES NETWORKS, said “most testers simply limit themselves to the prescribed tests, but by doing that they don’t help the field engineer to overcome the many hours of wasted and unproductive time on site sorting out network configuration and mis-patching issues.

“However, we have designed UniPRO MGig1 to be the engineer’s friend, adding in a suite of functions that go beyond the prescribed test and which can significantly speed up the traditional ‘trial and error’ troubleshooting of these pre-testing problems, meaning UniPRO MGig1 can save hours on site.”

For many years, technicians and engineers have had to use the rather long winded RFC 2544 for service turn-up and acceptance testing. However, RFC 2544 was devised for the lab-testing of isolated pieces of network equipment and can only test one parameter at a time, so it takes a long time and is not representative of today’s multi service-stream networks with often multiple VLANs and multiple QoS (Quality of Service) requirements all competing for limited bandwidth.

Ye continued, “the ITU Y.1564 test regime – implemented in the NetSAM software on UniPRO MGig1 – enables testing of up to eight services concurrently including colour-aware and non-colour-aware networks with Q-in-Q; VLANs nested up to eight-deep; and three levels of Label, Class, and TLL on MPLS networks.

“Layer 3 QoS tags, ToS and DSCP are also encompassed. It brings Ethernet testing forward by leaps and bounds into the 21st century and finally makes it representative of real network requirements and SLA’s.”

UniPRO MGig1 is available in copper-only or copper plus fibre formats and can perform
single ended testing, pass through testing and long distance loopback testing (in combination with its low cost companion the UniPRO SEL1 remote control active loop-back unit or a second UniPRO MGig1). For Bi-Directional testing two UniPRO MGig1s are used but the far end unit can be remote controlled removing the need for a second engineer.

UniPRO MGig1’s ‘Autotest’ button can be programmed to run a sequence of tests without further user intervention saving even more engineer time, by allowing the engineer to conduct other work without having to babysit the tester.

UniPRO MGig1 and its SEL1 companion will test copper Ethernet at 10Mb/s, 100MBb/s and 1Gb/s with the fibre enabled models also testing Gigabit Ethernet over a choice of 850nm multimode, 1310nm or 1550nm single mode fibres using interchangeable SFP modules.

The UniPRO MGig1 price starts from £1200.68, and UniPRO SEL1 is £632.61 (excl. local taxes). The UniPRO MGig1/SEL1 series of test instruments are available through a comprehensive distributor network. To read the full product brochure and find distributors visit:

The UniPRO MGig1/SEL1 test capabilities include:
• Y.1564 NetSAM
• RFC 2544
• BERT (bit error ratio test)
• SLA-Tick single stream and multi service streams
• Separated target and service tests
• Top-ten bandwidth users
• Simultaneous IPv4 and IPv6
• PoE and PoE+ voltage and power check
• Hub-blink cable trace
• Copper cable check
• Optical receiver power
• Detect and warn on circuits with ISDN, PBX and unexpected voltages
• Additional network stress-test traffic generation on dual-port models


‘Rain Umbrella’ For Computer Servers Wins US Patent – And Sees Orders Triple Post SuperStorm Sandy

DCME0014_TurtleShellServerShield - An UmbrellaTo KeepWaterAnd DebrisOff DelicateEquipmentWhenLeaks AndStormsOccurAbove-W600Hundreds of thousands of data centers and server rooms are in multi-tenanted buildings across the US and elsewhere. Within them, critical computer servers and telecommunications equipment are regularly damaged by water dripping – and sometimes cascading – through ceilings from leaking or burst pipes on the floors above.

And worse: In storm-prone areas, it is only too frequent for roof-damage to allow water to come flooding in (even when the roof is several floors up) – causing widespread destruction of the server equipment and disruption to businesses.

An invention called the Turtle Shell server shield – effectively a massive umbrella for data center servers and telecoms racks – is already protecting thousands of servers around the US and as far afield as Norway and Pakistan.

Completely innovative, the Turtle Shell server shield has just been granted US patent number 8,413,385 in recognition of its uniqueness.

Glenn Mahoney, president at Turtle Shell Industries, and his team have been developing the product for four years – with considerable success.

Said Mahoney, “We’ve been called to many disaster sites where storms and pipe bursts have sent water cascading through the ceiling and right through $millions-worth of server and telecoms equipment – not only interrupting vital business operations but in most cases damaging the equipment beyond repair. It’s a highly distressing sight to see”.

“In one such situation – a major cable operator’s network center in New York – thousands of customers were offline because of the water damage. While the center was being rebuilt, the operator asked us to fit Turtle Shells, as one of several new disaster precautions. Less than two years later torrential storms hit again but even the newly reinforced roof gave way and water came cascading through again. However this time, the unique Turtle Shell ‘umbrellas’ kept the water out of the electronics and the equipment kept on working. With $millions worth of equipment saved to carry on earning revenue.”

You can see an amazing video of both the first and the second storm damage as this NYC data center is struck in 2008 and 2010 at ‘Turtle Shell in action’ here:

Turtle Shells are made from a very strong polycarbonate and shaped like a sideways “(“ extended over the full length of each suite or racks.

They can be installed over, under and around all manner of cables, conduits and support rods or brackets. Once installed Turtle Shells are total watertight. They can also be fitted with flexible curtains which can be operated manually or automatically to ensure that water doesn’t splash into the front and rear of racks.

“We’ve seen a 300 percent raise in sales since October,” said Mahoney. “As people on the East coast are recovering from super storm Sandy they are thinking seriously about how to build-in extra disaster protection. And Turtle Shells are proving to be the ideal solution not just for data centers, but telecoms and cable operators, hospitals, schools, universities and Government sites too.”

For further information on Turtle Shells and advice on how to protect your sensitive equipment from damage by falling water and debris visit

(Note: Turtle Shell Products is a client of Turtle Consulting Group, but the companies are not related. GREAT NAME THOUGH!)


Safely Delivering Power Underground

New RailSafe CC90 fire integrity cabling designed for London Underground benefits Modernisation Project

Brand-Rex Speciality Division, Xtreme Speciality Cabling today announced the introduction of RailSafe CC90, a range of high performance conduit power cables designed for the safe installation of electric wiring systems underground.

Meeting its rigorous requirements for smoke flammability and toxicity, the RailSafe CC90 range is approved by London Underground. RailSafe CC90 has been developed for installations where fire, smoke emission and toxic fumes requirements exceed those of standard power cables, including the underground.

“Brand-Rex has a pedigree for delivering signalling and track-side cabling to London Underground and is delighted to have been given the opportunity to develop a general wiring cable that meets its stringent standards,” says Steve Kavanagh, sales director, Brand-Rex. “Safety is paramount to London Underground and Brand-Rex has already demonstrated its expertise in producing hundreds of miles of high performance signalling cabling that meet its Section 12 Fire Integrity specifications.”

The London Underground system is currently undergoing a modernisation and refurbishment programme across its network. The programme is delivering improved CCTV coverage, upgraded lighting, enhanced public address systems and more help-points, together with customer information indicators and the introduction of digital advertising boards on platforms and beside escalators, and for all of these, power is an essential ingredient. The need for underground power has also increased with the introduction of electronic turnstiles, ticketing machines and digital signage to keep customers moving through the Tube system.

The single core cable is the result of an extensive development programme by Brand-Rex in order to meet the high standards required by London Underground. “This is a fully compliant power cable which meets all the London Underground requirements and is accredited to its rigorous specification,” says Steve Kavanagh.

Independently tested by the Building Research Establishment, the RailSafe CC90 range is certified to the London Underground specification and exceeds the European standards for smoke, flammability and toxicity. A key feature of the new cable is its drip resistance. Traditional cables in a fire situation are prone to creating flaming droplets. These burning drops of plastic can then drip from cables at points away from the initial source of the fire and can be a key contributor to fires spreading especially in horizontal cable runs.

RailSafe CC90 cables have been designed so that in the event of a fire, the coating chars in place rather than burns, significantly reducing the risk and ability of the fire to spread.

In addition to the London Underground modernisation programme, the new Crossrail railway linking east and west London through twin tunnels underneath the City of London will benefit from the installation of RailSafe CC90 power cabling.

Available to contractors through Brand-Rex distributors UK Cables, the low smoke zero halogen single core RailSafe CC90 cable comes in a range of nine sizes from 1mm to 35mm and a choice of standard electrical wiring colours: green/yellow, blue, brown, black, red and grey. Other colours are also available on request.

Nigel Gallie supply chain manager of UK Cables said:  “UK Cables is delighted to be working with Brand-Rex promoting the RailSafe cable product range. Brand-Rex product innovation and pedigree facilitating UK Cables national distribution expertise will enable fully approved product to be available for London Underground / TfL contractor solutions.”


Brand-Rex Ltd is a global operation, designing, developing and manufacturing the most sophisticated, high performance copper and fibre cabling systems for communications and extreme environment applications. Headquartered in Scotland, the company is committed to being a trusted market leading provider of best-in-class communication infrastructure solutions that are truly ‘future proof’. For more information visit


U.K.Cables is a nationwide cable distributor with eight stock locations providing ex-stock availability throughout the UK. Each cable distribution facility is a stockist of electrical power cables, data cables and data connectivity.

At UKCables we pride ourselves on our vast knowledge and expertise of electrical power cables, data cables and data connectivity. Our resources and expertise can cater for all your cable needs.

Cable is not our only inventory range we also offer cable management solutions and next day delivery on all cable products via our own reliable delivery service.

Investment in a comprehensive inventory, available for next day delivery, and industry experienced individuals provides the resource and expertise for all your cable needs.



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