Data Centre Deconstruction to Help Fund Junior Football

BRX0669 playing for succesBRX0669 Euroborg niceBrand-Rex has once again demonstrated that being environmentally responsible not only promotes sustainability, but also leads to lower costs and protects the company’s bottom line.

In collaboration with Essent, the leading power utility in the Netherlands, Brand-Rex were able to help them recover and recycle 91 per cent of all the materials from two end of life data centres they were retiring. This added up to a total of 8,385kg of cables, cords, servers, racks, wall ducts and other materials. Not only did this cover all of the costs of deconstruction and recovery but it produced a significant surplus of revenue from the recycled materials.

Having produced a surplus from their co-operation on this project the two companies decided to donate the revenue to another sustainable initiative. It was determined that “Playing for Success”, an after-school programme for 9 to 14 year olds who are not achieving their potential at school, an initiative local to Essent would be the appropriate choice

On non-match days in the Euroborg Sport Stadium children are encouraged through football to engage their interest where conventional teaching methods have failed.

To make the whole initiative ‘sustainable’ Essent and project partners have installed 500 solar panels on the roof of the stadium and Essent with Brand-Rex are donating the full revenue from five of these panels for the next 25 years.

Jeroen Loonstra, Regional Sales Director of Brand-Rex, said “It is very rewarding for Brand-Rex to be in a position to contribute to such a worthy cause that also creates a tangible value for both the company and our partner. With this initiative, which it is hoped will help thousands of young people over the next 25 years gain better access to education, Brand-Rex has demonstrated once again that it’s more profitable to be green”.

Brand-Rex is a global operation, designing, developing and manufacturing the most sophisticated, high performance copper and fibre cabling systems for communications and extreme environment applications. Headquartered in Scotland, the company is committed to being a trusted market leading provider of best-in-class communications infrastructure solutions. As well as developing products and systems of the highest quality, the company is entirely carbon neutral and offsets all the CO2 created by the manufacture and distribution of its products. For more information visit

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[username: pics | password: pics] Caption: Marco Spoel (Essent, left) and Jan-Willem Hendriks (Brand Rex, right) symbolically make the donation to Dion Folkersma of Playing for Success Groningen (middle)

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Virtus Data Centres becomes the first provider of Colocation To The IBM Solutions Store

Virtus, London’s flexible and efficient data centre provider, announced today that it has joined the IBM Solutions Store, providing Colocation options to complete the stack of offerings within the IBM Solution Store – from the data centre to the application.


IBM’s Solutions Store is a collaborative marketplace for industry leading IBM-focused vendors and end-to-end solutions providers – including managed service providers (MSPs), independent software vendors (ISVs), cloud service providers (CSPs) end users (such as corporate IT departments) and now with the addition of Virtus: colocation data centres in London.


Announcing the new move, Virtus CEO Neil Cresswell said, “For most MSPs, ISPs and CSPs the solutions they build within this environment will need a ‘home’ for the servers and networking equipment.  That home can now be an IBM Solutions Store London data centre owned and operated by Virtus.


“Virtus already has a thriving community of MSPs, ISVs and CSPs growing in its highly flexible and efficient data centre space in London. So it makes perfect sense to become part of the IBM Solutions community and deliver the high quality colocation facilities these partners need in order to complete their IT projects,” added Cresswell.


For Solution Store end users, beginning-to-end IBM solutions are now available through IBM and its partners, and for IBM Solution Store partners, efficient, flexible, high-quality connectivity-rich and affordable colocation is available directly from Virtus.


As an IBM Solutions Store Partner, Virtus will offer cooperative and collaborative marketing and business development initiatives with other Solutions Store Partners who provide complementary services such as managed services, or application hosting. Virtus will also offer partners office space and demonstration facilities at its data centres for them and their clients.


Virtus’ track record of not only 100% uptime, but also of successful implementation of data centre environments, matches the quality and commitment of other partners in the IBM Solutions Store. Virtus has helped numerous MSPs, ISVs and Cloud providers to design solutions and then rapidly deploy them.


Flexibility and affordability are high on the list too – with products like the recently launched CoLo-on-Demand; Virtus’ colocation costs were recently reported to be half those of Docklands-based data centres. Building connectivity-rich data centres means that there are also many high quality competitive carriers available at Virtus facilities.


“With our flexible product offerings, unique outer London locations (as little as 0.17 milliseconds round trip latency to London’s financial centres), our eco-efficient designs and the lowest possible TCO in London,  Virtus is the ideal colocation partner for IBM based IT solutions,” said Cresswell


“Above all we help our partners to find new business opportunities and we pride ourselves in being the most flexible and ‘easy to do business with’ data centre company in London.”

‘Rain Umbrella’ For Computer Servers Wins US Patent – And Sees Orders Triple Post SuperStorm Sandy

DCME0014_TurtleShellServerShield - An UmbrellaTo KeepWaterAnd DebrisOff DelicateEquipmentWhenLeaks AndStormsOccurAbove-W600Hundreds of thousands of data centers and server rooms are in multi-tenanted buildings across the US and elsewhere. Within them, critical computer servers and telecommunications equipment are regularly damaged by water dripping – and sometimes cascading – through ceilings from leaking or burst pipes on the floors above.

And worse: In storm-prone areas, it is only too frequent for roof-damage to allow water to come flooding in (even when the roof is several floors up) – causing widespread destruction of the server equipment and disruption to businesses.

An invention called the Turtle Shell server shield – effectively a massive umbrella for data center servers and telecoms racks – is already protecting thousands of servers around the US and as far afield as Norway and Pakistan.

Completely innovative, the Turtle Shell server shield has just been granted US patent number 8,413,385 in recognition of its uniqueness.

Glenn Mahoney, president at Turtle Shell Industries, and his team have been developing the product for four years – with considerable success.

Said Mahoney, “We’ve been called to many disaster sites where storms and pipe bursts have sent water cascading through the ceiling and right through $millions-worth of server and telecoms equipment – not only interrupting vital business operations but in most cases damaging the equipment beyond repair. It’s a highly distressing sight to see”.

“In one such situation – a major cable operator’s network center in New York – thousands of customers were offline because of the water damage. While the center was being rebuilt, the operator asked us to fit Turtle Shells, as one of several new disaster precautions. Less than two years later torrential storms hit again but even the newly reinforced roof gave way and water came cascading through again. However this time, the unique Turtle Shell ‘umbrellas’ kept the water out of the electronics and the equipment kept on working. With $millions worth of equipment saved to carry on earning revenue.”

You can see an amazing video of both the first and the second storm damage as this NYC data center is struck in 2008 and 2010 at ‘Turtle Shell in action’ here:

Turtle Shells are made from a very strong polycarbonate and shaped like a sideways “(“ extended over the full length of each suite or racks.

They can be installed over, under and around all manner of cables, conduits and support rods or brackets. Once installed Turtle Shells are total watertight. They can also be fitted with flexible curtains which can be operated manually or automatically to ensure that water doesn’t splash into the front and rear of racks.

“We’ve seen a 300 percent raise in sales since October,” said Mahoney. “As people on the East coast are recovering from super storm Sandy they are thinking seriously about how to build-in extra disaster protection. And Turtle Shells are proving to be the ideal solution not just for data centers, but telecoms and cable operators, hospitals, schools, universities and Government sites too.”

For further information on Turtle Shells and advice on how to protect your sensitive equipment from damage by falling water and debris visit

(Note: Turtle Shell Products is a client of Turtle Consulting Group, but the companies are not related. GREAT NAME THOUGH!)


Data Centre Industry Still Robust Despite Tough Economic Conditions Says DatacenterDynamics Industry Census

Early indications from the DatacenterDynamics 2012 Global Industry Census show that the threat of global recession is having minimal impact on growth in the worldwide Data Centre Industry.

Full 2012 census results are due to be published in Q3/2012 and will provide the industry with robust information on the true affect of economic uncertainty is having on the industry on a regional and country by country basis.

Census research continues until the 27th July and any data centre professional yet to complete the survey can do so at DCD Intelligence is donating $5 to the international children’s’ charity UNICEF for every Census Survey completed.

With no signs of the general economic malaise ending anytime soon, some industry commentators have warned that the data centre industry should be prepared for a drastic slowdown in growth.

Nicola Hayes, managing director of DCD Intelligence, takes a different view.  “Whilst countries with highly developed data centre markets will almost certainly see lower growth figures than previously enjoyed, all indicators (including initial responses to the 2012 Industry Census) point to continued growth across the sector. This is particularly so in under-developed countries – as investors, technology companies and Governments in those areas continue in their efforts to ensure they stand a chance of competing in an IT enabled world.”

Hayes explained that data centres have become an integral part of the internet and IT infrastructure and growth in internet usage, rich media, cloud computing and Smartphone use all have had a positive effect on the data centre industry and its many supply industries.

Current figures for the number of internet users globally sit at around 2.11bn, more than doubled since 2007 (source: Internet world statistics) and this still only accounts for around 30% of the world’s population leaving wide room for further growth.

Forecasts generated from the results of the DataCentreDynamics Industry Census 2011 predicted a worldwide data centre growth rate of 7% from 2011 to 2012 with some less mature markets showing growth rates of up to 60%.

Hayes concludes “The early results from the 2012 Data Centre Industry census illustrate the fact that the overall health of the industry is remarkably robust.”

About the 2012 DatacenterDynamics Industry Census

The DataCenterDynamics 2012 Industry Census is the largest worldwide quantitative data centre survey.  Supported by Siemens, Cummins and the BCS the results of the census offer the most comprehensive analysis of issues and trends affecting the sector. By donating $5 for each completed questionnaire, DatacenterDynamics is also using the census as an instrument to raise funds for international children’s charity UNICEF. It is anticipated that this year a total of $40,000 will be raised.

About DatacenterDynamics

With offices in locations around the globe, 54 conferences in 37 countries and business intelligence and professional development offered on a worldwide scale, DataCenterDynamics is a truly global specialist provider of content to the Data Centre Industry.






Cabling Is Going UP In The World!

It’s ‘all change’ for cable management in the data centre as equipment practices have to embrace change to cope with the massive power and heat densities being implemented and planned per data centre cabinet or rack.

There is a very strong move towards overhead raceways for both copper and fibre cabling in order to leave the underfloor area free of the big air dams which masses of Cat 6A 10Gigabit/s cables are now tending to form – which have a serious adverse effect on cooling efficiency and effectiveness.

But a major issue with overhead cable trays or raceways is that – if they are not from the same ‘family’ as the data centre racks/cabinets – is that there are a lot of time and effort consuming engineering and installation problems to overcome on site as different fixings and cable entry/exits fail to line up properly.

Even worse, non-family cable trays and raceways can seriously interfere with the roof-section fixings needed for cold-aisle containment or cocooning solutions. This can cause difficulties when both are being installed together. The scope for problems, when it is intended that cold-aisle cocooning will be retrofitted at a future date is immense; a potential engineering nightmare and a risk to future uptime.

To ensure that no such onsite engineering problems are encountered, Cannon Technologies, one of the main suppliers of cabinets and racks into data centres, has launched T4 cable trays for vertical installation within its cabinets, racks and patching frames plus T4 raceways for overhead cable management.

The Cannon Technologies T4 raceways are exactly matched to all of the companies’ wide range of equipment cabinets, racks and frames both in terms of fixings and cable entry/exit points. Available as both ‘single-deck’ and ‘double-decker’ they affix directly to the tops of the cabinets and the double-decker version (as shown in photo) allows route or cable type segregation – for example segregating fibre cables from copper or A-route from B-route.

T4 cable trays and T4 raceways are designed to perfectly integrate with Cannon’s T4 cold aisle cocooning solution – especially in a retrofit situation to guarantee that there is absolutely no need for emergency on-site re-engineering.

Said Cannon Technologies md Matt Goulding “We believe that data centre infrastructure should also be plug-and-play!”


Using PR To Win New Business In The Recession

IT sector magazine Netcomms Europe has published the first in a series of articles by Turtle Consulting founder Phil Turtle in both its print and online editions entitled:  Twist and Shout! Using PR To Win New Business In The Recession

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