Charging and deliverables

Having been clients ourselves in industry, we know that time/fee charges are difficult to understand and control. Also, we are most of us used to purchasing ‘n’ things for ‘£x’ – and so that’s exactly the way we deliver PR for our clients.

We’ve invented a scheme of ‘PR units’ – a sort of tariff relating to the various PR activities you’re likely to need. You decide your budget and the level of activity you need throughout the year and we agree a monthly fee to cover the required number of PR units. This tariff is agreed separately with each client to match their needs.  A typical example would be:

Example tariff

            • Press release                                     1 PR unit

            • Feature Article                                2 to 3 PR units

            • Case Study                                          3 to 4 PR units

            • Press conference                           10+ PR units

            • Regional feature                             2 PR units

            • Press briefing visit                          3 PR units

            • Placement with Editors                  2 PR Units/day

            • Monthly management (inc. progress meeting) 2+ PR units

All of these tariffs include the research and writing of the material, and the approval processes (a separate expenses items budget covers phone, fax copying, postage and photography etc). Alternatively we can agree an all-in PR Unit rate including all expenses – we’re very flexible!

The tariff approach makes it easy for you to know what you can expect from us. It also gives us both the flexibility to agree to change the ‘mix’ of activities at any time during the year without affecting the amount of work you can expect for your money.