Client – Mansel Healy, International Marketing Director, ADC KRONE

ADC KRONE helps the world communicate, supplying network equipment, software solutions, and integration services for broadband, multiservice networks that deliver data, video, and voice communications over telephone, cable television, Internet, broadcast, wireless, and enterprise networks.

“After working together for almost a decade, Turtle Consulting Group  delivers media space valued at from 500 to 1300 percent of our PR expenditure,” says Mansel Healy, International Marketing Director, ADC KRONE.

“This is why, despite four changes of company ownership and five changes of marcoms/PR manager  our end over the past nine years, I have consistently fought the corner for Turtle to remain our retained PR agency,” he adds, “because I knew Turtle would keep the PR results happening, while we were distracted internally.”

The latest acquisition happened in May 2004, when ADC Telecommunications Inc. bought out the KRONE Group.

“ADC is an American company with an historical policy of conducting all marketing and PR in-house,” explains Healy. “But Turtle’s results spoke for themselves and it was eventually agreed that they would be retained to deliver UK PR and to produce source material across EMEA”.

A Turtle advocate through-and-through, Mansel praises Turtle for being accommodating during not just changes in company ownership, but the resultant budgetary variations.

“Turtle has never once complained about anything that has been thrown at them and has consistently delivered the excellent results we have come to expect. I think above anything else, Turtle has lasted through so many changes because they put tremendous effort into getting close to our business,” says Healy.

He describes that Turtle does not just work closely with ADC KRONE’s marketing department, but has built strong and productive relationships with product managers and technical personnel.

This results in an extremely proactive approach to raising PR opportunities, he explains. “There’s never a quiet month with Turtle!”

Another Turtle tactic towards generating continual PR ideas is holding “Turtle Surgeries”. Every six to eight weeks, MD Phil Turtle spends the day at either ADC KRONE Enterprise division headquarters in Cheltenham, UK  or at the Carrier division headquarters in Berlin and as well as scheduled meetings with marketign and product managers encourages other managers, technical experts and sales people to drop in and visit him.

Phil says: “In this way, we have worked very closely with a good number of ADC KRONE personnel over the years and its amazing how many good PR leads one can uncover in this way – things that people just never think to e-mail or phone you with, but which are worth their weight in gold. We have been able to maintain high levels of continuity throughout all the changes and it means that people throughtout the organisation now understand how PR helps and works – and it means they trust us as ‘part of the family’.

ADC KRONE’s previous experience of PR agencies was not so positive. Healy remembers that in the past the marketing department had to write the majority of copy themselves, before passing it on to the agency to add the ‘spin’. Large amounts of time were also wasted re-writing badly phrased or just inaccurate technical material. Turtle came along and just took the task off our hands. They understood the business and the market and came up with hundreds of ideas we would have never thought of. Within months we were miles ahead of our competition in terms of press coverage.

“Before Turtle, the PR effort was reactive, with the client was having to do all the writing and press release generation relying on new products launches – with clearly disappointing results,” explains Phil. In a brand audit when ADC acquired KRONE, they came out as the most frequently seen advertiser – except that they had done next to no advertising  in the previous six or seven years – and so the results were due solely to their PR success.”

“The bottom line,” says Healy, “is that with Turtle, we get things done very quickly and always on brief. They are extremely inventive even after nine years and we have developed a very efficient and cost effective way of working. In the past six months, they also took on our Carrier division where we had been having very little success – and now we have major coverage every month. I am very pleased that we have consistently got excellent results for our PR spend,” he concludes.