Client – Wayne Skinner, Group Sales & Marketing Director, AlanDick Group

The AlanDick Group of companies is a total communications infrastructure solutions provider with the global logistics to provide innovative products and services to satisfy the needs of the wireless network, broadcast, radar/surveillance & broadband markets. With offices across five continents, AlanDick is a world leading organisation with over 35 years experience.

“Without Turtle Consulting Group, there’s no way our company would have grown as did,” states Wayne Skinner, Group Sales and Marketing Director, AlanDick.

“Turtle helped us to achieve recognition as a corporate through clever PR long before we actually were one and took us from a £60million to £260 million turnover company within three years,” he adds.

When Skinner was first appointed sales and marketing director, he was surprised to learn that communications infrastructure solutions provider AlanDick had never used PR as part of its marketing mix.

“My industry experience has taught me that PR is a marketing essential and I was determined to introduce the practice to the company as soon as possible,” he says.

“After an initial battle, I managed to get Turtle Consulting Group contracted. And they then had to go right back to basics and painstakingly teach the company why PR was important and how we could be a good client,” he explains.

Skinner was aware that AlanDick would not be an easy company to PR. As an integrator, they have no R&D or manufacturing element to write about, and confidentially agreements meant that many of their blue chip clients could not be named.

“I’ve always felt that a good PR consultancy drives the client,” says Skinner, “and that’s exactly what Turtle has done from the word go.

“I thought we were difficult to PR, but Turtle got beyond this via all sorts of clever tactics, including writing opinion pieces and topical, educational features for us, which they then managed to place in key publications”.

He explains that AlanDick was a small family company when they first started working with Turtle.

“Turtle helped us to change our story line from ‘AlanDick has grown’, to ‘AlanDick has gone global’ to ‘AlanDick is technical’. From a background as concrete pourers and steel erecters, Turtle has successfully positioned us globally as a major technology company,” he enthuses.

Skinner comments on how intelligently Turtle talks to personnel at all levels of the company – from directors to engineers:

“Our account handler deserves a medal! She is very professional and has been incredibly patient as we’ve been learning as a company about PR,” he says.

Account director Wendy Harbutt says: “It was difficult at first with AlanDick managers rewriting all the copy we produced. But we quickly educated them into what made good copy for journals and soon we gained their trust”.

Wayne backs her up, and adds that not only does Turtle write clever, technical articles that people notice, but they also come up with topical subjects for them. He says that Turtle has even educated AlanDick’s technical staff to start writing articles themselves.

“Turtle has always listened intently to our needs,” he says “and has consistently been able to offer us exactly what we need, dimensioning their product portfolio to suit the needs of our business. What you get with Turtle is not an off-the-shelf solution – everything is tailored exactly to fit”.

Wayne has also been impressed with the sense of continuity that Turtle has provided, in a period where AlanDick has recruited a succession of marketing managers.

“The problem with most PR agencies,” he says, “is the high staff turnover. You get used to working with someone and they learn about your business and then they move on and you have to start from scratch with someone new. We have had total stability throughout”.

He also refers to the extra value and flexibility Turtle has offered, helping to train up a raw graduate into a competent PR manager.

Another example of Turtle’s flexibility is an accommodating attitude to budgetary changes. “Turtle has always made PR work to the maximum within the budget we are able to offer,” says Skinner.

“The Turtle team has imposed itself right into our business and has educated the whole company how to think about PR in everything we do,” he says.

He concludes: “Turtle knows how to extract the best from us and has consistently done a great job despite us rather than because of us. Whatever obstacles we put in the way, Turtle continues to get good PR out!”