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Data Centre Sector PR

Just as designing specifying and building data centres requires a massive amount of multi-disciplinary knowledge, skill and co-operation – providing highly effective media communications requires a specialist in both data centre PR and the multi-disciplinary skills to understand and support your product or service in a number of specialist market sectors and vehicles.

Operator or provider

If you are a data centre owner, operator, hosting provider, co-location (Co-Lo) provider and you want your facility promoted in print and online media, you need a data centre PR specialist that not only understands the terminology – but can quickly draw out from your people the benefits and USPs (unique selling points).

Because it’s the ability to rapidly encapsulate the benefits within high quality non-advertorial journalism that will get your stories rapidly taken up by both the international data centre media, and media in the specific verticals (financial, health, education etc) that your data centre is targeting. Plus, of course, relevant business titles and online websites and webzines.

Data centre real estate

Perhaps you’re a data centre real estate agent or investor – a data centre design and build practice or a systems integrator? Again you need expert help from people who understand the industry and all of the technical jargon. And people who can position you through high impact press releases and highly informative, technically accurate, feature articles and case studies – crafted by expert journalists so that not only do your own company people love them but more importantly, the data centre and sector media editors love them and come back asking for more.

Most of Turtle Consulting Group PR’s testimonials come from
PR-Agency-hating Editors!

Says Ray Smyth, editor of Network Computing: ‘Turtle excel in a number of areas. Unlike many PRs, they never phone asking stupid questions; their material is always of the highest journalistic quality and ready-to-run without sub-editing – and they don’t permit their clients to make unsubstantiated or vacuous “marketing-speak” claims. It’s almost like having them as staff writers.’

Turtle has clients in the data centre sector spreading back over 15 years – almost from the dawn of the data centre – and MD Phil Turtle has been a marketing consultant to ISPs, data centre operators and was for a number of years a director of MaNAP the UK’s second internet exchange in Manchester.

(Phil is also a graduate engineer with a career in Telecoms and IT before jumping the fence to run advertising and PR agencies and consulting on PR, marketing and business).

infrastructure, Hardware and Software

The data centre is a complicated environment built from a mass of ever more complex technology products and subsystems. Structured cabling, servers, switches, network monitoring, cooling, UPS, cabinets and racks, raised floors, trunking and raceways, environmental monitoring, backup generators, storage systems….. The list is almost endless.

Plus the myriad of services and software needed to create the complex power-eating monster we call the data centre and then bring it under control.

And if you are a manufacturer, integrator, other service provider you need not just a PR agency, nor even a general Tech PR Agency – you need a specialist data centre PR company that understands your technology in detail and can generate news and feature concepts that will position your company and products/services with the necessary technical detail, benefit orientation and the gravitas or ‘Vorsprung durch technic’ that befits a leader in the field.

Turtle Consulting Group PR has a track record of articles, news and case studies in the data centre press such as Data Centre Solutions, Data Centre Management, Data Centre Dynamics Focus, Network Communication News, Netcomms Europe, Green IT, Networking + and many others going back to the birth of most of these titles. And we definitely know our PUE from our UPS!

So if you need some serious ‘comprehending’ as well as comprehensive support to get your message heard loud and clear – or even if you’re thinking your existing data centre PR arrangements are maybe not quite up to the mark, then let’s have a conversation.

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