The Editor – Rahiel (Naz) Nasir

Rahiel Nasir edits four magazines – Networking+, Eastern European Wireless Communications, Northern African Wireless Communications and Southern African Wireless Communications. Networking+ is read by UK-based networking professionals and is a key title for Turtle Consulting clients ADC KRONE, LS Simple, Pandi and Siemon. The other three titles deal with wireless and mobile communications technology and are an important vehicle for other Turtle clients including AlanDick and ADC KRONE.

“With Turtle Consulting I can rely on always getting the right thing at the right time”, says Rahiel Nasir, aka Naz, editor of four communications magazines.

Naz despairs at the number of PR consultancies that don’t seem to be able to manage even this basic level of service. They seem to have no grasp of press deadlines nor the fact that they are competing for editorial coverage.

“Unlike the majority of agencies,” continues Naz, Turtle takes the trouble to understand my titles inside out and only approaches me when they have good ideas that are relevant. I like their individual approach and the fact that they consistently provide me with content that is tailored to my readers”.

Naz, says that he receives on average 60-70 press releases a week and that the quality is pretty variable. “From risible to deplorable describes many of the efforts that fill up my inbox on a typical day.”

Naz explains that he could tell at once that Turtle press materials are written by journalists who are experts in their fields. “As a journalist myself I can spot the well-constructed words of my peers and find it much more usable than the regular ‘PR puff’ I receive.”

Perhaps uniquely in the industry, Turtle employs professional journalists to put together its press releases, features, case studies and opinion pieces – a strategy that according to Naz is surprisingly rare.

“Most PR agencies employ ‘jack of all trades’ account handlers,” explains MD Phil Turtle, “who manage a great number of clients, often in very different sectors. They are not subject specialists and will work on strategy, the day-to-day running of the account, cold-calling journalists and writing copy all at the same time. Very few can write like trained journalists.”

“What we do differently, and I believe far more effectively, is to separate out these roles and have them delivered by the people who are the very best placed to do it.”

Another factor that sets Turtle apart from the rest of the crowd is that its senior account handlers are not scared to pick up the phone and don’t pass the task down to juniors.

“A typical call from a large West End technology agency would probably involve a junior phoning up to ask my permission to send me a press release!” groans Naz. “or worse still to ask if we got it.”

“Now I know it’s not their fault and they’re only doing what they were told, but it just seems to me that these big agencies are more preoccupied with being able to tell their clients how many journalists they can bother in a day rather than thinking about the purpose and the quality of the communication.”

He continues: “When I get a call from a Turtle account handler, I know it will be about something important and that the person I am speaking to will be well-informed and well-placed to answer any of my queries.

“Also, when a Turtle account handler doesn’t know the answer to my question immediately, I can rely on them to get back to me within minutes. They certainly understand my deadlines.

“I know that their MD Phil Turtle sometimes jokes with his clients that Editors are his real clients and that they are just there to pay the bill! I can safely say to his clients that this attitude really pays dividends for them – because the level of service that Turtle gives to an Editors like me and the quality of the material they provide means that Turtle clients are top of the list when it comes to being covered n our magazines.

Naz concludes: “The kind of PR I want to deal with is someone who is on top of game and is more than just a mouthpiece. That is exactly how I feel about everyone at Turtle who I have ever spoken to. They know their clients, they know my magazines and know what deadlines mean.”