Editor – Rob Shepherd, Network Communications News & Electrical Contracting News

Network Communications News is a leading title for the IT and telecoms cabling industry. Aimed at installers, integrators, consultants, manufacturers, and, to some extent, end users, it offers news, features, case studies, opinion and competitions. Electrical Contracting News is the monthly magazine for professional electrical contractors. Both are important titles for Turtle Consulting Group clients Siemon, LS Cable and ADC KRONE.

“The main advantage of Turtle is that in a technological age, they haven’t lost the art of forging and maintaining personal relationships,” says Rob Shepherd, editor of both Network Cabling News and Electrical Contracting News. “I’ve edited NCN for seven years, and during that time I have got to know them extremely well.

“I meet with Phil Turtle on a regular basis, and I see and speak to the rest of the team often. Other PR agencies fire off endless emails, and there are some companies I’ve only ever dealt with over email. Turtle doesn’t work like that – they’re not afraid to pick up the telephone and bounce ideas off me.”

In the seven years that Rob has been editing Network Communications  News he has worked with Turtle Consulting on behalf of clients Siemon, LS Cable and ADC KRONE. Rob is careful to give all the industry’s players a fair shout, but enjoys dealing with Turtle because he knows they always deliver.

“I know and trust them and that has been a huge advantage. The quality of their work is outstanding, and I’m always very pleased with what I get through them. I’ll blow my own trumpet and say that a good brief helps, but they always meet and often exceed the briefs I give them.”

He added that Turtle’s targeting has been bang on: “They never send me irrelevant information and they know the magazine inside out. I sometimes get information from PR agencies, or even get invited to events, and it’s clear they’ve never even seen the magazine before, let alone have any idea of what our needs are.

“When I get something from Turtle, I know it’s going to be just what I want and it’ll arrive when I need it to. There are a lot of companies who’ll miss a deadline by two or three days, and then ring you up as if nothing’s happened – Turtle wouldn’t.

“At the same time Turtle know they can use the magazine to achieve their PR goals. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship.”

He added: “Some PR agencies act like gatekeepers to the main players in the companies they represent. Turtle aren’t like that, they enable me to get through to the right people when I need to, and if it’s a tight turnaround they’ll come up with information quickly – they’ll never let a deadline pass.”

Rob has recommended Turtle Consulting on many occasions: “I know I’m not going to get an irate MD coming back after a few months and asking me why I recommended that bunch. I can honestly say they’ve never let me down.”