What the Editors say

Our success on behalf of our clients is significantly due to our use of working journalists in relevant sectors.

Genuine comments from editors have included:

“The quality of information and active approach of the Turtle Group make them a reliable source of knowledge.  They really have Turtle Power!”  Rob Shepherd, Editor, NCN

“Steve Gold has been writing for Mobile News for eight years. I have always found his writing to be well sourced and appealing to our readers.” Ian White, Editor, Mobile News

“I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for providing outstanding support. I really appreciate the attention you pay to the interests of those who read Communications Africa/Afrique, and to sourcing articles that fully address those interests. In terms of technical and commercial references, the articles are faultless – and they are written in concise, clear English. Furthermore, the graphics that accompany the texts are consistently rich in detail and visually arresting. In short, Turtle Consulting is a model of proficiency, professionalism and responsiveness – and I am grateful for that!” Andrew Croft, Editor, Comms Africa

“With Turtle Consulting I can rely on always getting the right thing at the right time. I despair at the number of PR consultancies that don’t seem to be able to manage even this basic level of service. They seem to have no grasp of press deadlines nor the fact that they are competing for editorial coverage.

Unlike the majority of agencies Turtle takes the trouble to understand my titles inside out and only approaches me when they have good ideas that are relevant. I like their individual approach and the fact that they consistently provide me with content that is tailored to my readers”. Rahiel Nasir, Managing Editor, Kadium Group