Turtle Consulting Group has a good international capability. Turtle has operated PR to the Americas, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pac as well as UK and limited continental Europe for Wireless Infrastructure company Alan Dick.

More recently we have operated a £200k/year quasi-global PR campaign for a Germany, Australia and USA based Mobile Telephone infrastructure manufacturer using Turtles in UK, New Zealand and Canada.

We currently have “Turtles” in Canada, France/Belgium, Italy, Spain, Germany (as well as a German national on the UK team), New Zealand and Australia (for Asia Pac and China), Dubai for the Middle East and a host of suitable PRs and Journalists we had identified for expansion in various places around the globe who we can plug-in to our teams whenever needed.

We find it generally easier and more cost-effective to extend the Turtle model of self-employed freelance PR’s and local working journalists (bilingual native speakers with English) than to team up with other PR agencies (though we do this on occasions and have been lead agency on a number of occasions).  The latter have  their own operational and management agendas and prove to be both more expensive and more difficult to manage than regional “Turtles” who are in effect direct staff and fully under our control.