Managing Editor – Andrew Croft, Communications Africa


Andrew Croft is Managing Editor of Communications Africa/Afrique, a bimonthly magazine that represents the application of information and communication technologies and broadcast solutions in Africa. It is a key title for Turtle Consulting Group client AlanDick.

“What distinguishes Turtle is the quality of the text; that is, its writers achieve what I consider to be a good balance between technical depth and readability,” says Andrew Croft, Editor of Communications Africa/Afrique.

“The images Turtle produces and provides are consistently high resolution and often artistic, while conveying the detail of that which is being written about. It’s helpful from a production perspective, and also an aesthetic one – good images improve the look and feel of the magazine.”

Communications Africa/Afrique has been published for two decades, and Andrew Croft has been editing the bimonthly title since January 2003.

It features well-researched, literate editorial content responding to the concerns of ICT and broadcast stakeholders, who are dedicated to the promotion of social and economic development by enabling advanced communications throughout the African continent.

Andrew Croft has worked regularly with Turtle Consulting Group and particularly with communication infrastructure solutions clients AlanDick and ADC KRONE. Turtle has come through for Communications Africa on many occasions to provide valuable news and features content.

Says Andrew Croft: “Turtle’s work aptly supports the issues we write about – they obviously do their homework well. They can lend us the expertise of their clients, so adding another dimension to the topics we cover. Informed comment and technical input are key requirements, and Turtle provide those in spades.

“In fact, the calibre of their work is so high, that our sales people are able to use it to highlight the quality of Communications Africa’s content.”

Andrew has enjoyed a close working relationship with Turtle, and has proactively recommended the agency:

“I’ve often recommended Turtle to companies seeking a PR agency, and have no issue in doing so.”

Andrew says the secret of really good PR is to get to know the titles important to their clients, and to pay heed to their deadlines.

He said: “Good PR companies, like Turtle, are proactive. And such companies target their work. Turtle, for example, pays close attention to my editorial schedule for the year ahead, and checks during the year whether it can help with coverage of particular topics, well in advance of scheduled publication for those topics.”