Media partnering & editorial placement

Turtle Consulting Group generally adopts a three-tier media contact strategy.  The top few titles in each sector are developed over time into media partners – those most important to you in terms of their effectiveness – and they are very carefully nurtured with meetings, visits, regular telephone contact, aiming to produce a very close working relationship providing them with bespoke material to their requirements.

Tier 1:                     Top half dozen 
Tier 2                      Next 10-15  
Tier 3                      The remaining targets

The second tier is telephoned regularly and a good relationship developed.  Again material is produced or re-purposed to meet their needs.

The remaining useful press are designated tier three and generally are simply sent press material although occasional telephone contact is made as required.

We have found this process to achieve exceptionally good placement results while being cost effective.

Editorial placement
When a case study, feature article or, more frequently, when a synopsis has been written, the Account Director will draw up a target list of magazines and websites on which to try to place that specific item. This list will be specific to the subject matter of the piece. The Placement Consultant will then spend approximately six hours per article/case study offering it to Editors. This time may be spread over a number of weeks with the objective of gaining an initial placement and then (once that Editor has published it) further publication in other journals so as to increase the total Effective Advertising Value for each piece and increase the overall return on investment (RoI) from the PR campaign.

We frequently work on the basis of writing up synopses of possible articles and offering these to editors with the understanding that if the Editor says ‘yes’ then the article can be quickly written and approved. This approach means that the cost of writing the material is only incurred when there is an agreed placement.