New Statesman’s Largest Ever Special Report – Data Centres – Secured By DataCenterIndustryPR For Clients The Data Centre Alliance

DATA Cover:Statesman supplements.qxdFriday 30th August sees the publication of the New Statesman’s largest ever Special Report – 32 pages – and the first major publication ever in the UK to concentrate on Data Centres.

Secured by Phil Turtle, CEO of DataCenterIndustryPR, the specialist division of Turtle Consulting Group, for its client the Data Centre Alliance, this report was taken from an initial outline idea that the New Statesman had into a fully funded and outlined report by Turtle and his clients the Data Centre Alliance with the help and involvement of its Members – the global data centre industry.

The New Statesman Special Report features interviews with Steven Norris, President of the Data Centre Alliance and Chairman of another DataCenterIndustryPR client – Virtus Data Centres – and with Simon Campbell-Whyte Executive Director of the Data Centre Alliance in addition to a ‘Round Table’ Discussion with many of the most senior figures in the industry.

Said Turtle, “The Data Centre Industry is probably the best kept secret in the world at the moment. it has been around for twenty years and now powers just about everything we do as individuals and especially in business. From Facebook status updates to Google searches, tweets and emails – to online shopping, e-business, to air traffic control, much of the health service, military operations and the phasing of traffic lights. Plus the ubiquetous ‘cloud’ we hear of daily would not exist in any of its forms without a global data centre industry providing the millions of servers  that power the cloud globally.”

“This Special Report marks the end of that secrecy – DataCentreIndustryPR – on behalf of the Data Centre Alliance and its Members has now launched the industry into the mainstream with the aim of getting the industry recognised by Governments and businesses worldwide as the critical infrastructure resource and major asset the industry represents for major economies – particularly the UK where the Government has no department willing to take the data centre industry within its remit – with possible dire economic consequences for the UK yet again.”

The Special Report also feature a two-page ‘Jargon Buster” written by DataCenterIndustryPR and a double page infographic produced by the New Statesman’s art department from concepts and copy provided by DataCenterIndustryPR.

The New Statesman issue containing the 32 page Data Centre Special Report pictured above is available from all good newsagents, Waitrose, WH Smith and online at nationally on the 30th August 2013 for a week.