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“Turtle Consulting is very different to the majority of PR agencies.” That’s according to a wide range of Editors and Journalists. And they should know!

The reason for this is simple. Most PR agencies are really modern-day  sweat-shops full of young PR agency account execs straight out of university; graduates with undoubted enthusiasm but not much in the way of real-world experience and expertise.

Many of these PR agencies churn these youngsters through and spit them out again in a few years, keeping a constant flow of keen but hapless youngsters in the front line.

And that’s what gives many a PR agency a bad name with Editors and journalists says Rob Shepherd, Editor of Inside_Networks and formerly Editor of Network Communication News and Electrical Contracting News.

“Not only do many PR agencies employ lots of young “wet behind the ears ” youngsters but (because their seniors hate getting on the phone) many a PR agency will hand these youngsters the job of phoning Editors – in theory to sell-in press releases or feature articles.

“But what in reality happens is that:

  • they have no idea of the editor’s workload or deadlines
  • they rarely have the common sense to ask “Can you spare two minutes to speak?”
  • they ask stupid questions like “did you get our press release”
  • and then if we ask them detailed questions about their press release or feature synopsis they haven’t a clue and try to waffle through, instead of being honest and saying “I don’t know that one – but I’ll find out and get back to you today on it.”

What makes Turtle Consulting different as a PR agency, many Editors and Journalists agree, is that they do exactly the opposite of traditional PR agencies – guided by founder and MD, Phil Turtle – who says his main claim to fame is that’s he’s never worked in a PR agency but simply been on the receiving end of many horrendous experiences as a PR agency client.

Turtle Consulting is totally focused on meeting the needs of Editors and Journalists. In fact, Turtle often jokes to clients that “The Editors are the clients; you’re just here to pay the bill!”

But as Steve Gold – editor of several computing and former editor of many technology titles, says “The Turtle PR agency has really studied exactly what Editors need:

  • Turtle PR agency use professional journalists (including myself) to write all the material which means that the quality of material we get as Editors is streets ahead of that written by PR agency account execs.
  • They understand our schedules, when to phone and when not to: what we need in terms of style, exact wordcount, diagrams, photos, biographies, you name it, they’ve got it ready. In fact I rarely have to ask because they deliver everything “oven-ready”.”

Ray Smyth, Editor of Network Computing and of Green IT agrees. “One of the biggest problems we Editors face is PR agencies and clients letting us down at the last minute – just as we hit the publication deadline. Often they just string us along hoping to get something in time, but realistically knowing they won’t.

“The Turtle PR agency on the other hand keeps us appraised of progress on anything we’ve agreed and I can think of only one occasion where they had to pull out of an agreed piece – but they gave me four weeks notice – purely because they understand we Editors need as much time As possible to find a replacement. There’s no game-play with Turtle – it there’s even a hint of a possible problem they’d let me (and I imagine any Editor) know – because they truly see their job as a PR agency is to make our job as Editors as easy and nasty-surprise free as possible.

As a PR agency, Turtle Consulting often achieves massive ROI (return on investment) for its clients – sometimes as much as 2,000 or 3,000 per cent.

But, warns MD Phil Turtle, “Of course, not every company can expect such massive results – though before we take on any new client we undertake an appraisal to ensure that we will be able to deliver a really good RoI for them”

Only recently, Ian Wilkie, Marketing and Supply Chain Director at client Brand-Rex said:

“If only you could find a simple way to get over to prospective clients just how different Turtle PR agency is compared to conventional PR agencies that just don’t do half the things clients want or need doing. If you could explain in a nutshell just how much more successful you are and how you drive the client rather than the client having to drive the PR agency. They would snap your hands off to have you on-board.”

Although the Turtle PR Agency has many good testimonials from clients, we believe that more unusual, and more important are all of the glowing testimonials from Editors who, because of the general poorness of many PR agencies have sadly grown to think PR agencies more of an enemy than an ally.

Conversely, at Turtle Consulting Group, we focus massively on the Editors and doing everything we can to make their lives simple and easy as well as providing them with written material that they say is “head and shoulders” better than that provided by 90 percent of PR agencies.

There are two secrets to this success:

  1. All of Turtle’s written material is researched and written by professional journalists and Editors already working in the relevant sector and who are highly knowledgeable about the subject matter. (Not, as is the norm in most agencies, by inexperienced young graduates).
  2. We have worked for over 30 years with trade and technical journalists and Editors to understand their needs and provide them with a level of service which they tell us is second to none.

 Feedback from Editors:

Group Editor – Rahiel Nasir edits four magazines – Networking+, Eastern European Wireless Communications, Northern African Wireless Communications and Southern African Wireless Communications.  “With Turtle Consulting I can rely on always getting the right thing at the right time”, says Rahiel  Unlike the majority of agencies,” continues Naz, Turtle takes the trouble to understand my titles inside out and only approaches me when they have good ideas that are relevant. I like their individual approach and the fact that they consistently provide me with content that is tailored to my readers”.  [Read more…]

Editor – Rob Shepherd, Network Communications News & Electrical Contracting News Now Editor or Inside_Networks, Rob said,  “The main advantage of Turtle is that in a technological age, they haven’t lost the art of forging and maintaining personal relationships,” says Rob. “The quality of their work is outstanding, and I’m always very pleased with what I get through them”. [Read more…]

Journalist and writer– Andrew Emmerson has written eight books and edited two others, all of which are still in print. Subjects include TV, radio and telephone technology, the London Underground and vintage transport. He also edits the magazine of the Telecommunications Heritage Group, of which he was founder. He has also been working with Turtle Consulting Group for over a decade. “I’ve always been a communicator and demystifier,” says Andrew Emmerson, “starting with my first job as a travel enquiry clerk at Waterloo station.” “Since then, I have had seven books published, written for national … [Read more…]

Managing Editor – Andrew Croft, Communications Africa “What distinguishes Turtle is the quality of the text its writers achieve and what I consider to be a good balance between technical depth and readability,” says Andrew Croft, Editor of Communications Africa/Afrique. “Turtle’s work aptly supports the issues we write about – they obviously do their homework well. They can lend us the expertise of their clients, so adding another dimension to the topics we cover. Informed comment and technical input are key requirements, and Turtle provide those in spades. [Read more…]

Feedback from clients:

Steven Foster, MD EMEA, The Siemon Company Ltd “Right from the pitch stage, I felt that Turtle not only showed great knowledge of our industry but also demonstrated an extremely high level of energy and enthusiasm, which has continued throughout. In my time in marketing I must have worked with more than 20 agencies – I would definitely put Turtle at the top of the list for effort, and most importantly results”  Client – Steven Foster, MD EMEA, The Siemon Company Ltd

Wayne Skinner, Group Sales & Marketing Director, AlanDick Group “Without Turtle Consulting Group, there’s no way our company would have grown as it did,” states Wayne Skinner, Group Sales and Marketing Director, AlanDick. “Turtle helped us to achieve recognition as a corporate through clever PR long before we actually were one and took us from a £60million to £260 million turnover company within three years.” [Read more…]

Mansel Healy, International Marketing Director, ADC KRONE “After working together for over a decade, Turtle Consulting Group  delivers media space valued at from 500 to 1300 per cent of our PR expenditure,” says Mansel Healy, International Marketing Director, ADC KRONE. In a brand audit when ADC acquired KRONE, they came out as the most frequently seen advertiser – except that they had done next to no advertising in the previous six or seven years – and so the results were due solely to Turtle’s PR success.” [Read more…]