We probe and analyse

Many prospective clients tell us that they have very little raw material on which to base PR. They are always amazed at how much we can discover, hiding below the surface in their organisation, that has real PR potential. The reason that we are able to achieve this is the methodology we use of probing into many different facets of your business.

For example we look at depth into many aspects of:

            • Legislation & environment       • Business

            • Quality                                              • Competitors

            • Social & public                               • Event creation

            • Personnel                                        • Marketing

Adding this to our analysis of the target media titles, we generate large numbers of potential PR opportunities. The problem you then have is not “What shall we do PR about?”,  but instead “Which of these PR ideas best fulfil our strategic objectives? Which ideas shall we pursue now, next month and for the rest of the year?”

The aim of our PR campaigns is to become an essential source of information and opinion for our key editors, to make our client a ‘senior’ voice in their industry. We encourage editors to speak with senior spokespersons in our client companies – though always controlled through us as your ‘press office’.

We ensure that editors only receive material that is of high quality and relevant to their journal and its readership. Quality, not quantity, is what counts in gaining an editor’s respect.