Property multimillionaire Glenn Armstrong launches Home Study Course for would-be Property Investors

4 Day Home Study Image‘Golden Ticket’ included for early responders to spend four days learning in person with Glenn Armstrong

Self-made multimillionaire Glenn Armstrong is celebrating ten years making profit from property investment by launching an eight-DVD home-study version of his highly successful Property Intensive training course (

Launching the home study course, Armstrong said: ”With the growing interest in property investment such as Buy-to-Let (BTL) and the upcoming freedom to withdraw pension-pots it is very important that people study and understand the complex property market. They need to understand the many pitfalls and risks that aren’t apparent to the average person before they start risking their pension money or savings.”

Over the ten years that Armstrong has been building his portfolio of 243 BTL properties, and refining his property investment strategies, he says he’s learned a lot the hard way. ”With the amounts of money involved it’s possible to make financially disastrous mistakes,” Armstrong states, “I know, I came close to disaster several times in my early days.

“But, in those days there were no teachers, no mentors. That’s why I now love to teach and mentor other people – so they don’t have the same risks and near disasters that I had.” The eight-DVD Glenn Armstrong Property Intensive Home-Study course is just £297+VAT. To find out more please visit

As a massive bonus, to celebrate his ten successful years of property investing, Glenn is including for the time being, a free Golden Ticket to attend one of his live four-day Property Intensive training courses as well. (The live four-day Property Intensive course normally sells at £1,200+VAT.)

”This way, people get the best of both worlds,” Armstrong said. “They can watch the DVD course to gain a basic understanding. Then they can attend the live training event and ask all the questions that they need answering.”

Phil Turtle, one of Glenn’s former students and now a mentee said, ”There’s so much valuable information packed into the four day course that I’ve attended twice already. His mentorship advice has already helped me avoid two properties on which I’d have unwittingly made a loss.

“Glenn also runs a mentorship program for graduates of the Property Intensive course and, unlike many mentorship programmes, you actually get mentored by the man himself, not by less-experienced staff. That’s very unusual,” Turtle concluded.

More information and an ordering page for the Property Intensive Home-Study course (including the free Golden Ticket to attend a live four-day course) can be found here:

Course Contents

Contents of the Armstrong Property Intensive home study course includes six key property strategies:

#1. Sourcing properties for financial success

#2. Renovate and sell properties fast for profit

#3. Build a £3k-10k per month cash positive portfolio

#4. BoGoF – Buy one property, get one free, adding £100k to the value

#5. Creating a £10k per month cashflow, without owning any of the properties.

#6. How to protect yourself against interest rate rises and buying a house for £1 down.

The Glenn Armstrong Property Intensive course also teaches students analytic techniques so they can ascertain which strategies will work in which geographic areas. “There is no such thing as a strategy for all areas,” warns Armstrong, “and you need to be able to understand how fluid the market is so that you can recognise when the waves of change (that flow in and out of London) affect the strategies to use in your chosen area.”

After students learn how to market for suitable property and role-play how to successfully interact with Estate Agents and how to negotiate with vendors, the course steps up to some very advanced techniques such as:

– Long-stop Completions – what are they and what they are used for

– Option agreements

– Lease Options versus Delayed Completions

– Joint Ventures

More information and ordering page for the Property Intensive Home-Study course (including the free Golden Ticket to attend a live four-day course) can be found here: