All details of every PR idea generated, those which it was decided to proceed with and the detailed progress of each project are held on a database which is central to Turtle operations. This is the job control system which drives all of our activities on your behalf.

Although this is our internal management system, we give direct access to our clients to view their own project information so that they can see the up-to-date situation on any project via a simple web interface at any time of the day or night.

Additionally, we report at the end of each month the number of PR units consumed against budget so that you can remain fully in control of the budget allocation and usage. This report documents all new work produced and also indicates all work in progress.

Additionally for each management meeting, monthly or bi-monthly, we would prepare a complete update report of all items in process, waiting approval, on-hold and in the Editorial placement process. At each management meeting we would also log all new PR ideas generated and review all PR ideas logged but not started and then, together with you, decide upon which PR activities to progress next.