Brand-Rex Appoints Andy Sharkey As Sales Director

BRX0617_Andy Sharkey_SalesDirector_Brand-RexLeading data networking solutions provider Brand-Rex has appointed Andy Sharkey as its new sales director, based at the company’s headquarters in Glenrothes, Scotland.

Andy is a highly qualified professional with over 22 years experience in the IT industry, most recently holding the position of regional business director at Panduit.

Commenting on his new position, Andy said “I am excited to join Brand-Rex and look forward to combining my industry knowledge and experience to lead the sales organisation as we move the  business forward.”

At Brand-Rex Andy will be responsible for all aspects of sales strategy development and deployment. His appointment will further strengthen the senior management team ensuring ongoing support for the company’s channel and system integrator partners.  Andy’s wide ranging experience across international markets will be instrumental in realising the company’s plans to extend its territorial footprint.

Commenting on the appointment, Martin Hanchard, CEO, Brand-Rex, said, “We are delighted to welcome Andy to the Brand-Rex management team and look forward to his strategic contribution to the Board. His extensive experience and sales leadership credentials will help ensure we achieve our long term growth aspirations.

Shaun Barnes Named As New MD UK And EMEA at IT And Critical Facilities Consultancy i3 Solutions Group

I3 Solutions Group the vendor neutral critical IT and facilities consultancy – established by well-known industry veterans Ed Ansett and Mike Garibaldi last year – announces the appointment of banking sector IT guru Shaun Barnes as its UK and EMEA managing director.

Announcing the appointment, i3 Solutions Group managing partner Ed Ansett said, “because i3 Solutions Group is trailblazing the concept of fully integrating IT application architecture, technology infrastructure and critical facilities at the design phase of projects such as data centres and trading floors, it was imperative for us to get away from the conventional consultancy model of only one or two ‘names’ constantly on aeroplanes to meetings.

“With the appointment of Shaun Barnes as md for UK and EMEA, we are underlining our mission to have very senior consultants permanently on the ground in each territory – able to interface at ministerial and C-levels into governments and major enterprise – and to take all necessary business decisions. This will mirror the capabilities we already have in North America and AsiaPac.”

Barnes comes to i3 Solutions Group with a track record that includes critical facilities, IT, networking, M&E (mechanical and electrical) and corporate real-estate with Barclays Capital, ABN Amro, Royal Bank of Scotland and most recently consultancy firm ITPM where he ran the global data centre and corporate real-estate practices, delivering large programmes of work for ICAP and DBS Bank.

Barnes, who was based in Singapore for several years but is now operating out of London said, “I’m looking forward to re-establishing many UK contacts and making new contacts in the UK and EMEA. I will be attending many industry events in the coming months.”

One of i3 Solutions Group’s unique points is that they bring the normally siloed disciplines of IT applications, IT infrastructure, Facilities Management and M&E together in equal weight in one consultancy.

According to Ansett, though, “only a small percentage of CIOs and CEOs currently ‘get’ this concept — there are massive advantages to having IT, FM and M&E co-planning and co-designing critical facilities like data centres, trading floors and new corporate offices.”

“There is a lack of consistency across technology strategy, design, implementation and operation in the market. There is also inconsistency across the IT stack. The major consulting firms tend to focus on business process and applications consulting and less on technology infrastructure. Similarly systems integrators concentrate on technology hardware and have little ability in critical facilities,” said Ansett.

“Naturally the large OEMs have expertise in many areas, but are predisposed to their own hardware or software products. This continuation of ‘silos’ of expertise can often lead to £millions of additional downstream costs because the design thinking was not properly ‘joined-up’. As an independent consultancy with expertise in each field we engage at any point in a project.”

Barnes concluded, “I’m happy to explain the advantages of silo-removal and joined-up planning for critical facilities – be they data centres, trading floors or even corporate office. It’s going to be several years before this thinking is adopted by the conservative mainstream – but we are here to help enlightened companies set new trends.”

Ref: i3SG0010

Global Domination For Cannon T4 Data Centre Manager

Cannon Technologies has announced new developments and advances to their long established Cannon T4 Data Centre Manager (T4 DCM) software suite.

The latest version allows the network operations centre (NOC) to monitor a company’s entire global data centre portfolio as a single bar on the monitor screen. The bar is green when all is alarm-free, but as soon as any out-of-operating-window or out-of-tolerance situation is detected (related to power, temperature, security, cooling and hundreds of other factors) at any of the data centres globally – the bar will flash red and an audible alarm is sounded.

One mouse click on the flashing bar reveals the data centre containing the alarm situation. A second click zooms straight to the offending rack and displays full details of the alarm conditions. Preventative or restorative action can be instigated in seconds.

The new release gives admins the ability to create unlimited numbers of Groups and to assign every asset (such as racks, sensors and individual pieces of active equipment) to multiple Groups in Cannon T4 DCM means that admins and users can easily view factors (such as power load, cooling load, security status, doors open for maintenance, UPS status etc) in groupings that are logical for that user.

For example you could create a Global Group for all racks in any data centre where there are servers belonging to the HR department’s operations. Or a complete global view of power. Or perhaps all DCs in a county such as Yorkshire – or a region such as AsiaPac. It is totally flexible, to reflect real-world operational requirements.

Granular security
It’s not widely recognized yet that DCIM (data centre infrastructure management) information – such as power consumption – can be used to gain commercial intelligence on a co-located competitor’s operations. But it can.

Yet most DCIM systems allow all users, including co-lo customers, to have access to the full suite of information. The only solution with such systems is to bar all customers from having access, which is clearly unsatisfactory.

The latest release of Cannon T4 Data Centre Manager instigates Granular Security so that, for example, departments and customers can easily be restricted to seeing only the information relevant to them – ensuring commercial confidentiality.

Granular Groupings
Adding together both granular security and groupings now means that a multi-site customer can have access on a global view basis to all of their relevant operational information in any groupings they want – but with total confidence that no competitors can see their commercially sensitive statistics at any of the controlled data centres worldwide.

Predictive configuration
This latest release of Cannon T4 DCM just got smart. It now learns from your previous activities. So, if DCM detects that you’re configuring a cabinet security lock (be it RFID, PINcode, fingerprint or iris scan), T4 DCM will immediately detect all other unconfigured locks and ask if you want to configure them too.

It also identifies all relevant configs already stored and offers these for re-use or editing. If required, T4 DCM will then do an ‘all at once’ configuration for maybe several hundred racks. This is a massive time saver.

Smart Action
The temperature in Rack 237 in a data centre in Malaysia 7000km away is rising.
Cannon T4 DCM has identified this as a ‘worrying trend’. But no need for the NOC in Germany to take any action – T4 DCM can issue SNMP commands to the equipment in that rack to shed load.

If that doesn’t reverse the trend, maybe due to a fault condition, T4 DCM can issue further instructions to undertake an orderly shut down.

As a last resort – in order to ensure that a whole rack of equipment isn’t causing overheat damage – T4 DCM will disconnect the power from one or more pieces of equipment in the rack until the temperature is under control. Full information is provided back to the NOC.

Of course this is just one illustration of thousands of possible smart actions that the new Cannon T4 DCM can take. For full details of the very latest Cannon T4 Data Centre Manager developments, please go to :