Raritan advances DCIM with release of new dcTrack software and Mobile App

Raritan, a leader in data centre infrastructure management (DCIM) and power distribution, has announced enhancements to its award winning dcTrack® infrastructure and capacity management software (with the launch of dcTrack 3.1). Used in many high profile data centres worldwide, dcTrack provides real-time asset and capacity information about your data centre facilities, networks and IT. It clearly visualizes the infrastructure to help manage placement of IT equipment and helps to inform capacity management decisions whilst keeping accurate track of all data centre assets.

Together with the new release of dcTrack software, Raritan launches the dcTrack Mobile App for Apple iPad and Android tablet devices. Ideal for use on the data centre floor where users can view, validate and modify item details to validate ‘as installed’ as well as being an invaluable help with at-rack diagnostics. As well as conventional look up searching by item name, serial number, or asset tag number the mobile app allows users to simply scan the items barcode using their tablets inbuilt camera, immediately bringing up the items full details from the dcTrack database. Item details displayed on the new dcTrack at also include a very useful Audit Summary displaying the most commonly audited information for that asset item.

Raritan has also made power chain enhancements to help data centre operators gain an even more complete and accurate view of the data centre – including real-time capacity along a complete power-path. For example a power-patch could be from the UPS (uninterruptible power supply) through the floor PDUs (power distribution units), circuit breakers, rack PDUs and right down to individual loads such as servers and switches – showing actual drawn power in real time against the available power budget at each point.

Additional flexibility in the powered chain means that dcTrack users can now connect any number of floor PDUs to each other, modify the PDU feeds, create three-phase delta power panels and connect multiple rack PDUs to each other.

A new fully featured dcTrack web client is launched to compliment the existing ‘classic view’. This includes full floor-map visualisation and enhanced search functionality allowing items to be located by class or name; with full drill-through to its asset tab for complete item details. The new dcTrack web client also overcomes the printing difficulties associated with many Web browsers – ensuring that detailed floor maps and formatted reports print perfectly.

New reports within dcTrack 3.1 show, for each cabinet, the number of rack units (U) occupied and the spare U available. This information comes together with the cabinet’s measured power and power budget, plus front and rear temperatures. This is invaluable information for judging the true usable capacity in each cabinet.

With input and feedback from thousands of dcTrack users, the upgraded online help facility is believed to be the most comprehensive and helpful in the industry.

New sections added in the latest dcTrack software release, in addition to an updated FAQ, include: ‘Where do I…?’ and ”What’s the Next Step after completing xyz…?”. Both of these new sections are designed to guide users through the correct dcTrack workflow rather than conventional isolated task information thereby enhancing quality and reducing the possibility of human error.

Announcing the new dcTrack software enhancements and Mobile App, Raritan’s Richard May said, “The new features in our dcTrack DCIM software build on experience gained with our data centre customers around the three cornerstones necessary to manage data centres efficiently: 1) real-time monitoring on infrastructure items, support resources and their inter-relations, 2) accessing and visualising information and 3) managing configurations and changes.

“Raritan remains the leading DCIM provider because our solution is the easiest to deploy and use. It accurately answers all the questions (from power capacity to an item’s location) that data centre professionals need fast unambiguous answers to on a daily basis. dcTrack’s simplicity is its major advantage. Many data centre operators tell us they now rely on Raritan DCIM for their power efficiency and uptime.”

To find out more about Raritan dcTrack and DCIM solutions please visit raritanDCIM.com or contact Raritan at sales.uk@raritan.com or +44 207 090 1390.

About Raritan
Raritan provides secure IT infrastructure management solutions that increase data centre efficiency and productivity by delivering integrated in-band and out-of-band server access, control and power management. Raritan’s KVM, serial console and intelligent PDU products are in use at over 50,000 locations worldwide. Raritan’s OEM division provides embedded hardware and firmware for server and client management, including KVM over IP, IPMI, intelligent power management and other industry standards-based management applications. Raritan has 38 offices worldwide, serving 76 countries.
For more information, please visit www.raritan.eu.

A screenshot of the mobile app is available at: http://turt.co/0046dctrackscreenshotmobileapp [user: pics | pwd: pics]

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Raritan Solves The Intelligent PDU Retrofit Problem Without Downtime

Raritan, leader in high accuracy intelligent power monitoring and metering has designed a completely new retrofit power monitoring system suitable for both new and existing data centres. The technology is designed for ‘live’ installation, without any need for downtime or business interruption.


Operators of legacy data centres often look enviously at more modern facilities with intelligent power distribution units (PDUs) and their metering and monitoring reports. Without these modern systems, data centre  operators cannot easily tell how much additional equipment they can safely put in a rack – or how dangerously close they are to tripping a circuit breaker. (If a circuit breaker trips a whole rack or even row could lose power – with disastrous results for services and customers).


The problem in most legacy data centres has been that retrofitting in-line PDU’s involves downtime, which is normally unacceptable. Until now, that is.


Launching the new product, Raritan’s Richard May said, “Raritan’s new BCM (Branch Circuit Monitoring) needs no downtime for installation. It uses high accuracy split-core clamps that simply attach around existing supply cables.  The data from these clamps is combined with voltage monitoring information.  The non-invasive BCM installation then supplies the business with invaluable data including, power (kW), apparent power (kVA), energy (kWh) plus power factor (PF) as well as load balance on three-phase systems.”


Each Raritan BCM unit can monitor the incoming single phase or three phase feeds to a distribution panel plus up to 21 tributary or branch circuits to the rack’s A&B feed PDUs.


Multiple BCM units are connected together for larger panels and network connections are made using Wi-Fi or RJ45. Utilising industry standard SNMP protocols, the unit cleanly integrates into existing management and data collection systems.


Information is Power

Raritan BCM integrates direct to the Raritan Power IQ and dcTrack management software systems in exactly the same way as intelligent PDUs in new data centres.


This means that by the non-intrusive installation of Raritan BCM and either Power IQ or dcTrack software, legacy data centres can now easily have the full functionality enjoyed by newer facilities:

–       An increase in available power by ensuring that branch circuits are suitably loaded but never overloaded.

–       Avoiding pockets of ‘stranded’ (and hence un-used) power, maximising your data centre investment.

–       A complete, accurate view of branch circuit loading

–       Improved balance of loads

–       Monitoring and ensuring that breaker-trips are avoided except in true emergencies.

–       Accurately bill customers/users or user departments for energy usage.

–       Accurately measure PUE

–       Support energy saving and ‘green’ initiatives.

For more information visit  www.raritan.eu/bcm or contact Raritan at sales.uk@raritan.com or +44 207 090 139