Turtle PR is pro-active PR

There are two ways to undertake PR.

Conventional approach to PR
There is the conventional, reactive, approach whereby Press Releases and articles are written and distributed simply in response to events that happen – such as new products, new contracts or orders won, awards received, staff appointed and the occasional plant visit by a dignitary.

The second method is to be proactive, to create opportunities to speak with and through the press – for example when there is no event-driven news, or when much greater and more powerful editorial coverage is required.

Creative approach to PR
Developed over many years working in business-to-business and specialist consumer PR, we have applied marketing and sales principles to the planning and development of PR campaigns. Our task is first to understand your market, your products or services and then to review the media titles available to us and analyse them in depth.

Our creative techniques include the generation and promotions of ‘opinions’ on industry or market topics – which are loved by editors, as very few companies are prepared to publicly voice opinions.

We establish dialogue with key editors (we call them media partners) to find out what they are looking for and to forward-sell articles and case-studies that meet their exact requirements. We are great believers in the sales principle that whatever we can do to make the life of our customers (the editors) easier, the more likely we are to achieve the sale (or in this case, to get your material published).

It’s a surprisingly similar process to selling and it achieves major results.

And we invest heavily in on-line databases and services that track forward features and bring in thousands of journalist requests for information from our clients – giving our clients the leading edge.